Don't Risk Driving With Faulty Brakes

Don't Risk Driving With Faulty Brakes

Take care of your car brake repair at our Quincy, IL shop

Brakes are some of the most important parts of your vehicle. If they give out, you're in an extremely dangerous situation. Don't wait until it becomes dangerous. Dan's Auto Care & Towing Inc. offers car brake repair services at our shop in Quincy, Illinois. Just bring your car into the shop, and we'll run a full diagnostic so we can repair the problem.

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We'll run the diagnostics quickly

Your car's brakes are made up of several moving parts. When you're having an issue, Dan's Auto Care & Towing will perform a full inspection to find the problem and resolve it through our car brake repair service.

As part of your brake service, we will...

  • Check your brake pads, hoses, rotors and fluid for damage.
  • Run electronic diagnostics to find problems.
  • Replace damaged or broken parts to repair your vehicle.

Driving with faulty brakes is a life-threatening risk. Schedule your brake service in Quincy, Illinois today by calling 217-223-3000.